• About Us

  • I am Rene' Wertheimer the accountant and founder of Bottom Line Accounting & Tax Services, Inc.

    It all started Over 30 years ago with my love for numbers. I always loved mathematics in school. I was fortunate to know at a young age what type of career I wanted and I have not looked back.

    I started off working for Public Accounting firms for several years, then on to mid-size privately held Corporate businesses serving as Controller of their accounting department. In 1989 I started my own business, Bottom Line Accounting & Tax Services, Inc. and that is what I have done since.

    I have always said that accounting and tax work is like doing a puzzle. Once you have all the pieces together you get a clear picture of your financial and tax situation. It is vital that all the pieces are put together accurately or all you get is a cloudy mess and you are wasting your money paying for something that is wrong.

  • I am here to serve you and I take great pleasure in keeping your money in your pocket versus the governments.

    On a personal level some of my interests include; , Flying, horses, trike motorcycles and I am a Daughter of the American Revolution. I also love animals and nature as well as many other things.